NutraPro Fertilizer Packs (3-5 yr) With No Tubes



Nutrapro has been specially formulated for trees and shrubs (16-8-8). It comes in a plastic package with micro-pores that allow the fertilizer to be released into the soil at a controlled rate (as moisture transfers thru the pores). The contents (NPK) are dissolved over time by water vapor entering the package through these micro-pores.

NutraPro Controlled Released Tree Fertilizer - 16-8-8

 2 oz packets per bag

*Improves Hunting By Attracting Deer to Specific Trees    
*Increases Nutrient Content and Palatability
*Produces Larger More Nutritious Yields from Mast and Fruit Trees


  • Easy installation, drop the entire pack in a hole then cover with dirt
  • Nearly Impossible to over fertilizer to damage tree
  • Limits the chance of fertilizer contaminating ground water
  • Don't have to remember to fertilize every year.
  • No handling of chemical that can have advertise health effects. 
  • Use 1 pack per 1" caliber of tree
  • Provides nutrients for up to 2 years

    Pricing is per box of 50 fertilizer packs.
  • 1-1: $49.50
  • 2-2: $99.00
  • 3-3: $148.50
  • 4-4: $198.00
  • 5-5: $247.50