4 FT PVC Stake


PVC Tree Tube Stake

Tree Protection Supply has been diligently experimenting and researching new stake products that will stand up better to wind, water, and deer rubbing. We feel we have found the solution in our 1/2" PVC stakes. These stakes have the flexibility to bend with the wind and deer rubbing and will return to their upright position.  You can witness how this works in this blog post. This allows for the trees to sway naturally in the wind and build stem diameter that will provide added strength to the tree as it emerges from the tube. They also will hold up as long as you need them to with no worries of rotting off at ground level like the bamboo and oak stakes do. People, as do we, grow tired of heading out to their trees and replacing stakes time and time again or losing growth because the tree has been growing horizontal on the ground for a month or two. TPS has resolved all these problems while still being able to maintain an economical solution in the product, no lost time to maintenance and no loss of growth due to stake failure. This stake has also seen its real success in wet areas such as streamside or wetland plantings.  Please visit our blog for more information on this new and exciting product.

Many people worry that trees growing in tubes this tall come out with spindly stems and will not support the weight of the limbs and leaves that grow out of the tube.  The brilliance in this entire system is in the pvc stake.  If the tree was tubed originally with a pvc stake then the tree has already benefited from the "sway action" provided by the flexible stake which helps create a thicker stem.  By extending the stake another 2 feet with the additional pvc stake, the tree will continue to reap the benefits of the simulated sway that trees growing naturally in the woods get by default.  Now you get a taller tree with a thicker stem that is fully protected from deer browse faster than ever before.  That is a true root to shoot ratio.


Stakes are sold in multiples of 25 and shipping is included in price.


Price is per stake.


For quantities 200+, please email info@treeprotectionsupply.com!

  • 25-25: $2.18
  • 50-50: $1.64
  • 75-75: $1.64
  • 100-100: $1.64
  • 125-125: $1.64
  • 150-150: $1.64
  • 175-175: $1.64
  • 200-200: $1.64
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