Off-spec 3 FT Tree Tube


These tubes are off-spec tubes that as 5 ft tubes, could not be sold at retail prices.  We have removed the top 2 feet of the tube for another project and now have 3 ft bottoms to offer at a very reduced price.  They come in nests of 4, one cable tie per tube and approximately 1 ft of venting.  They have full UV stabilization and will grow a tree just as well as any other tree tube we sell.  These are a bargain hunter's dream. 


Off-spec Tree Shelter Specs:

  • Nested polypropylene seamless tube
  • UV stabilized for 5 to 7 years
  • Rigid, twin-walled design 
  • Four tube diameters – Range from 3 to 4
  • Permanent venting. 
  • One Re-useable UV Treated Zip Ties

Price does not include a stake

Pricing is per box of 52 tubes.

Pricing does include shipping!!!!!!!!!!!