Additional Products to Compliment Tree Tubes:

Tree Pro Miracle Tube 4 Ft


Miracle Tube tree shelters were introduced in 1999 to compete with the tube-type tree shelter. However, Tree Pro designers took great pains to make sure the problems associated with tube-type shelters were avoided. Tree Pro designers knew from prior experience with the Tree Pro protector design that excessive heat retention was the cause of most of the problems of other tree_pro_logo_web_sm.jpgshelters. They therefore formulated a vented polyethylene material that had just the right color and density to promote good tree health. The vented tree protector enables the circulation of fresh air through the holes in its wall while at the same time preserving most of the moisture around the tree. Tree Pro is the first to offer a vented product for tube heights less than 4 ft. In fact, every height of tube for the product below is vented!

Miracle Tube Tree Shelter Specs:

  • Nested 100% Recycled polyethylene (Milk Jug Plastic) seamless tube
  • UV stabilized for 5 to 7 years
  • Rigid, single-walled design with a razor-line perforation
  • Cuffed top and bottom protects tree as it grows out of the tube and provides additionally stability
  • Five tube diameters – Range from 3½ to 4½
  • Permanent venting. Vents start half way up from the ground
  • Two Re-useable UV Treated Zip Ties

Price is per tube, does not include a stake and tubes are sold in multiples of 25.

Bird nets and shipping costs included.

For quantities 300+, please email!

  • 25-25: $4.05
  • 50-50: $3.57
  • 75-75: $3.57
  • 100-100: $3.57
  • 125-125: $3.57
  • 150-150: $3.57
  • 175-175: $3.57
  • 200-200: $3.57
  • 225-225: $3.57
  • 250-250: $3.57
  • 275-275: $3.57
  • 300-300: $3.57