Additional Products to Compliment Tree Tubes:

Tubex Combitube 6 Ft



The Tubex Combitube is designed for more exposed sites where there is a greater contrast between growing conditions within the shelter and those without.

The Tubex Combitube provides an improved micro-climate at the base of the shelter which results in better initial establishment. The ventilated upper section of the shelter enables the plant to acclimatize to external conditions improving trunk and root development.

Higher air moisture within the Tubex tree tube reduces water stress and enables the plant to survive better in dry or drought conditions.

Ventilation is provided by a number of 4mm perforations in a set of 100mm deep bands at the top of the shelter. 17.7 inches of solid shelter at the base provides herbicide protection.

The Tubex Combitube also provides reliable protection from animal browsing.

Additional Information

  • UV stabilized polypropylene, harmless to the environment
  • Flared rim to minimize stem abrasion
  • Pre-fitted releasable ratchet ties for ease of installation and maintenance
  • Tubex Laserline - a line of laser generated perforations forming a controlled line of weakness along the shelter, designed to burst as the tree fills the shelter
  • Built-in strengthening rods, which prevent ties tearing away from shelter in strong winds (unique to Tubex)
  • Durable twin-wall construction for the best possible strength-to-weight ratio
  • A number of 4mm laser generated perforations in a set of 100mm deep bands at the top of the shelter provides ventilation
  • 45cm of solid shelter at the base provides herbicide protection.
  • UV stabilized to provide a minimum estimated lifespan of 5-7 years (can vary beyond this range depending on site conditions)


  • Twin walled construction - minimizing weight and maximizing strength
  • Flared rim - minimizing stem abrasion
  • Strengthening rods - providing rigidity and preventing ties from tearing away
  • Pre-fitted releasable ratchet ties - designed for quick and consistent release in tough operating conditions
  • Tubex Laserline - allowing the tree to break free
  • Ventilation allowing plant to acclimatize to external conditions
  • Ships in nest of 5 with a diameter range of 3.14” – 4.72”. Qty ordered is for individual tubes
  • Sold in 4 ft,  5 ft and 6 ft heights



Price is per tube, does not include a stake and tubes are sold in multiples of 25.

Bird nets and shipping costs included.

For quantities 300+, please email!

  • 25-25: $6.75
  • 50-50: $6.11
  • 75-75: $6.11
  • 100-100: $6.11
  • 125-125: $6.11
  • 150-150: $6.11
  • 175-175: $6.11
  • 200-200: $6.11
  • 225-225: $6.11
  • 250-250: $6.11
  • 275-275: $6.11
  • 300-300: $6.11