Additional Products to Compliment Tree Tubes:

Weed Pro Weed Mat 3 Ft x 3 Ft With Purchase of Tubes


Vispore Weed Mat 3 Ft x 3 Ft With Purchase of Tubes


Vispore Weed Mat 3 Ft x 3 Ft With Purchase of Tubes


Tubex Shrubshelter 2.5 FT



Tubex Shrubshelter protects shrubs from browsing rabbits and other animalsTUBEX SHRUBSHELTERS are a range of tree shelters with large diameters designed for shrubs and provides improved survival rates for shrubs by protecting against hares, rabbits and voles as well as providing complete herbicide protection.

TUBEX SHRUB SHELTERS are ideally suited to landscaping projects with mixed planting stock.

Unlike spiral or net products which can become embedded in the branches and bark of growing shrubs, the TUBEX SHRUBSHELTERS us quick and easy to remove - often a requirement on landscaping projects.





  • UV stabilised polypropylene, harmless to the environment
  • Flared rim to minimize stem abrasion
  • Pre-fitted releasable ratchet ties for ease of installation and maintenance
  • Tubex Laserline - a line of laser generated perforations forming a controll ed line of weakness along the shelter, designed to burst as the tree fills the shelter
  • Durable twin-wall construction for the best possible strength-to-weight ratio
  • UV stabilized to provide a minimum estimated lifespan of 5-7 years (can vary beyond this range depending on site conditions)
  • Ships boxes of 4, 8, 16, 32 and 48
  • Nested diameter range of 5.12" to 6.30"
  • Sold in 2.5 FT height


Price does not include a stake

Pricing is per box of tubes. 

Pricing does include shipping!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 4-4: $8.81
  • 8-8: $6.70
  • 16-16: $5.23
  • 32-32: $4.60
  • 48-48: $4.17
  • 96-96: $4.17
  • 192-192: $4.17
  • 240-240: $4.17
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