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Tal-ya Tray Weedmat


The Tal-ya tray was developed in Israel, a place where every single drop of water is precious and cannot go to waste.  Most in the US have experienced extreme drought conditions in recent years and have irripan_weedmat_2.jpgseen the devastation to plantings when not enough rain falls and even if it does, it is sucked up by competing vegetation or evaporates before the roots of the tree can benefit.  All other weedmats work to prevent weed competition and temporarily/slow the evaporation of water from the soil, but only the Tal-ya Tray prevents competition from weeds, multiplies the amount of water collected even from the smallest rain event and reflects light back to the plantings further increasing the growth potential. 

This weedmat can be installed on trees, vineyards and vegetable plantings and is held in place with 4 sod staples that can be installed on each corner (4 staples per tray included).

Please call for shipping quotes for quantities over 100.

  • 5-24: $5.50
  • 25-99: $5.25
  • 100-499: $5.00
  • 500+: $4.50